Insurance Professionals

We understand the demands put on insurance adjusters. Like us, you need to work long hours and deal with an ever-changing schedule. We acknowledge this and make things easy for the insurance professionals we work with. The following systems were implemented in part to make your claims handling more manageable.

  • Provide extensive initial, during, and post-demo photo documentation of the loss areas including pre-existing conditions.
  • Adjusters receive a link to project documents and pictures that are regularly updated.
  • Inventory all personal property and its condition with photo and written documentation.
  • Personal property, linens, and furniture pack out.
  • Personal Property cleaning and restoration. 
  • Property sketches in PDF and ESX formats to be available for your walk through.
  • Insurer estimates provided in Xactimate with sketches and complete notes.
  • Excellent customer service that makes the insured comfortable with the process.
  • Adequate equipment to handle almost every size loss.
  • IICRC certified firm with WRT, AMRT, ASD certified technicians. 
  • Prompt Emergency Service.

As an independent business, referrals from insurers are not always common. Without franchise ties, many insurer’s vendor programs do not consider us for qualification. We are accustomed to working for our customers and rely heavily on past customers and referrals. We do not take on more work then we have resources to handle. This ensures all customers have a good experience.

Our goal is to mitigate the damage in a manner that saves and retains many interior components. If possible, we utilize cavity drying and other specialty drying techniques. We are experts at countertop, trim, and other home component removal, so it can be reused. It’s our number one priority to make sure the customer is left with a dry, mold-free home. Our second priority is to minimize waste and overall cost to the insurer.

Emergency service line 530-583-6653