Mold Consulting, Inspection, and Sampling

At Tahoe Mold and Water, we take a whole-house approach to not only address mold issues, but also provide mold prevention. A commonly overlooked part of many mold inspections is an assessment of the potential causes of the problem. Some are obvious and sudden; others are the result of bad design or long-term problems. Our goal is to find out if you have a mold issue, and if so, how to repair and prevent it from returning.

We Provide Inital Assessment of Homes

  • Inspections typically take between 1 to 2 hours.
  • You can choose to have the entire structure inspected, including all attics and crawlspaces, or have us focus on the area(s) of concern.
  • If on investigation we find discoloration or growth that resembles mold, we will take a surface and/or bulk sample of the suspected mold.
  • Air sampling compares the levels of airborne mold spores inside the house with the outside air. When performing air sampling we typically take one sample outside to use as a baseline for comparison.
  • Cavity air samples can be taken of the wall, ceiling, or cabinet cavities that can’t be visually inspected. This is not always effective at finding hidden mold issues.
  • Depending on the number of potential problems, there could be a number of samples. You should expect 3-4 samples to be taken for most inspections, with some requiring more.

Our Pricing

Visual Inspection

  • Air Sampling Only – Includes a summary of lab results: $100-$175
  • Focused Visual Inspection – Inspection of the area(s) of concern: $200-$250
  • Full Visual Inspection – Inspection of the entire home up to 5,000 sq/ft.: $300
  • Homes over 5,000 sq ft., or consisting of multiple structures: $300 & up


  • Air and surface samples are $65 per sample. (7-day turnaround is typical)
  • Cavity air samples are $90 per sample. (7-day turnaround is typical)
  • Expedited service is available:
    • +$15 per sample for 3-4 day turnaround
    • +$30 per sample for 2-3 day turnaround

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As an inspector and remediation contractor, we provide a convenient process for identifying and resolving mold issues. If you have concerns about potential conflicts of interest, it would be advisable to hire an independent indoor environmental professional that does not perform remediation services.  Below is a list of some professionals in the area that provide these services.

Environmental Consultants

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