Real Estate Professionals- Handling Water Damage

When you are selling a home, you become a resource for your customers. Many are new to the area and don’t know whom to call when they have an issue with their home. Real estate professionals should have a list of dependable vendors they can recommend to a client or customer in need. One of the most important is a capable water damage contractor who can respond at a moment’s notice.

When a water loss occurs at someone’s home, it can be traumatic. It is important to get an experienced mitigation contractor out as soon as possible. This is not always an easy task, as extreme weather conditions cause damage to a number of properties all at once. This often overwhelms the limited number of capable contractors that service the area. Establishing a relationship with someone before an emergency is important.

A good contractor can explain the process to the customer, and should instill confidence. They should be able to start work immediately, have all the necessary equipment, and be specialized in water damage restoration. Most general contractors are not trained in water damage, have limited drying equipment, and often lack the experience and education to effectively dry a property. This often results in a costly mold remediation that could have been prevented, and often not covered by insurance.

There are many large franchise companies in the water damage business. Like any franchise, the quality of their service is dependent on the franchise owner. It is common for customers to select a nationwide company because they expect a consistent product. This is often not the case with water damage companies. Some local franchise companies are known for taking on more jobs than they can effectively handle. This leads to delays, frustration, and avoidable out-of-pocket expenses for the customer. As an independent business, we rely on good service and referrals for much of our business. Moreover, because our name is on the line, customers can expect quality and professional service.

When referring our services, we understand that you are putting your reputation in our hands. It is our goal to provide excellent service. We will be in close contact with the customer, so you don’t have to. We won’t let you down!

We offer full-service water mitigation and structural drying, and work directly with most insurers. Our crew is accustomed to working on high-value properties and are selected for trustworthiness. They are extensively trained, most are certified, and they care about doing a great job.

If you have a water damage emergency, call us at (530) 583-6653 – 24/7

Water Damage, Mitigation, and What to Expect

A good mitigation contractor will take moisture and psychometric readings, possibly take infrared pictures of the damage, and will document conditions with pictures and notes. All of this is provided to the insurer to justify the required demolition, drying, and reconstruction. Without this documentation, it is much more difficult to get the insurer to pay a fair amount for the claim. Also, you may be leaving damage that is unknown to you, which could result in future costs that won’t be covered.

Filing a Claim: What You Should Know

We understand that not all water damage jobs require a specialist. It can be cost prohibitive to hire a water mitigation contractor for very small water damage job. It is, however, essential that you take action. A general rule of thumb is if the water damage is affecting multiple rooms, or if it is affecting the ceiling, walls, and floor of one room, you should consult a water mitigation professional. For all other jobs you may be able to seek the assistance of a carpet cleaner with an extractor and drying equipment. Below is a link to procedures that should be taken for water mitigation. We strongly recommend that you follow these guidelines if you are not seeking the service of an experienced professional.

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